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Rosie Ru - Gifts For You

Rosie Ru Gifts for you is a small independent British company, specialising in unique hand illustrated greeting cards, personalised gifts & bespoke illustrations. It has been a privilege to work with fellow talented creative Jo McFarlane, owner of Rosie Ru. During this time we have worked to create a beautiful brand identity, Etsy Shop and there is more to coming soon... 

Jo Mcfarlane, Owner

I have had the pleasure of working with Georgia over the past two years. Georgia has re-branded my business logo and designed all the associated fonts and backgrounds to rebrand Rosie Ru. Georgia took the essence of the vision I had for Rosie Ru, and intuitively build the Rosie Ru brand around that vision. At all times I felt that Georgia was sensitive to my intentions for Rosie Ru, checking in with me on the progress she was making and checking that it was going in the right direction. It was a joy to see it coming to life! Georgia is incredibly talented and intuitive with original on-trend design ideas. She is good at setting milestones and keeping on track with them. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Georgia on the Rosie Ru brand.

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